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- What to wear at your session -

It depends on the setup.

As an example, for my white background the best outfit is either jeans and white blouse or something really edgy (oh yes, I love edgy) – like long jackets or wide trousers. And for my yellow background I aim for a more romantic style: blouses, tweet; the colours are very important. An outdoor session in a flower field would be extra beautiful with long dresses that flow with the wind, summer hats and linen outfits. At your home I can imagine something casual to feel really comfortable. 

That’s being said: the right outfit helps to improve your story that we create together. 

There are some rules:

First of all, the outfit has to fit the person. I’d rather go with a little too wide than too tight. Also important for me is, the outfits of all the persons have to match – at least it should be from the same colour palette and the same style. Avoid too much distraction – no big logos or pictures, not too colourful and not too much “extras”. This should be about you and your family and not about the clothing. 

If you book a session with me, we will go over this in detail. I will provide you a prep-guide and you can send me images of your outfits. I will make sure that you all look your best in the images.