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my story as a photographer and an artist

I always wanted to be a photographer and can’t imagine being something else. Yes I’ve tried different things but I came back every time. I have a degree in graphic design to learn all about composition, art, colour, printing and design. This knowledge took my photography to the next level and has a huge influence in my style. 

When I’m at someone’s home I love all the images hanging on the wall or standing on the shelf. They tell their own story and I feel like just by looking at them I get to know the persons in the frame. Images have such a great impact and that’s truly fascinating. 

The artist in me wants to capture you in a beautiful but authentic way to keep your memories a treasure for all the time to come.

#montreal #familyphotography #séancephoto #photo #photographe #family #mom #brossard

The loves of my life

I’m a mom of two adorable children and married to my soulmate. My little family is my home. We are a mix of cultures and speak three languages at home. We’ve moved from one continent to another and started all over again. Our days are filled with laughter, cherish moments but also with the normal chaos. We love to travel, to try new things (especially eating) and to meet new people.

We have a family tradition: Every year before Christmas we take a family picture. I love this tradition as it shows how we grow together as a family. And when I’m imagine how our children will show them to their children… it’s such a legacy.