A Story Of Love And Connection

A Story Of Love And Connection In the corner of Emma’s attic, beneath a layer of dust and forgotten memories, sat an old trunk. The trunk had belonged to her grandmother, and it held a treasure trove of family photos spanning generations. On a rainy Sunday afternoon, Emma decided to explore its contents with her […]

Secret Proposal

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– A secret proposal – End of April I was asked to document a secret proposal. Oh how I love this kind of surprise. Those moments are full of emotions and pure love.  When planning this secret proposal two weeks ago, we looked forward to a beautiful sunset on a rooftop in Montréal. As the […]

What to wear at your session

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– What to wear at your session – It depends on the setup. As an example, for my white background the best outfit is either jeans and white blouse or something really edgy (oh yes, I love edgy) – like long jackets or wide trousers. And for my yellow background I aim for a more […]